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An Global Online #Desi Radio Station that stands out from the rest…

Luv Asia Radio Online plays the very best in Bollywood, Bhangra. Asian Urban, Golden Oldies, and brand new Artists. Then sprinkled in amongst that is some popular mainstream tunes, some Sufi, Qawwali, Asian Underground, World Beatz and even some Arabic. We have everything you want to hear non-stop and interruption free. Quite simply this is back to back #Desi music heaven, without the chat and presenters that you get on AM/FM. We know what you want, and here is where you get it.

Quite simply in a nutshell we play what you Desis love to listen to 24 hours a Day and all across the world. We review our music weekly to make sure you have the freshest hottest tracks available, and can listen to on your laptop, PC, smartphone, smart speakers, tablet, i-Pad, and not forgetting in your car on the go too. Simply stream us through your car stereo through the Bluetooth, or plug into your AUX lead. With todays unlimited

4G plans, you can listen without worry! If you have Apple CarPlay, simply search ‘Luv Asia Radio’ on Itunes Radio and enjoy.

If there is anything you want to hear, get in touch below. We feature the best artists from across the globe, those that are well known today and those that will be well known tomorrow. 

Luv Asia Radio loves showcasing all sorts of talent. For this we provide you the famous ‘Luv Day’, where we play a new or established artists song on the hour and every hour, all day, so our listeners don’t miss it and an artist gets the chance to promote their song! Get in touch below if you would like a dedicated LUV Day…

We thank you for listening, interacting and spreading the Luv. 

Please pass on the “LUV’ to another Desi Music LUV’er like you! #LuvAsiaRadio #ConnectingDesisGlobally

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Listen to Luv Asia Radio on the go! Just click on the icons below, search for Luv Asia Radio and download the free app.

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Luv Connecting Desis Globally through Social Media too. Click on the links below to tweet, like, share, post, upload, favourite, retweet and all that fun stuff! Spread the Luv by #ConnectingDesisGlobally.
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